From Stoner to Sartorial: The Rise of High End Cannabis-Inspired Fashion

As minds across the world become more open to weed, fashion designers have taken note and cannabis-inspired fashion has gone mainstream.



Cannabis-Inspired Fashion
PHOTO | Jacquie Aiche

When you think of cannabis-inspired fashion, what comes to mind? Once, images of tie-dyed t-shirts with Cheech and Chong’s face emblazoned across the front would come to mind. Hats with silly slogans and cheap plastic pot leaf necklaces have unfortunately been all that the culture has taken away from the concept of using cannabis, not only perpetuating social stigmas but leaving us with some really poor fashion choices.

Thankfully as minds across the world become more open to cannabis as a regular part of life, fashion designers have taken note. Rather than revamping the aforementioned shirts and making them slightly less tacky, notable names have integrated pot leaf patterns and unique accessories into their lineups to make a bold yet tasteful statement about weed.


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Alexander Wang dedicated his entire Fall 2016 collection to the cannabis plant, being one of the first designers to give a high fashion twist to the so-called “stoner fashion”. Margot Robbie’s feature on Saturday Night Live exposed millions of viewers to one such Alexander Wang dress that screamed cannabis.

Instances of weed peeking through into the clothing world have been seen prior to Wang’s adoption of the pot leaf, but they have been far and few between. Those who wanted to communicate a more subtle message may have opted for a pair of Strathcona Stockings that incorporated various recognizable prints into knee-highs since 2011, and jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche has been making pot leaf necklaces, earrings, and clutches almost as far back as her inception in 2007.

When you really start looking for it, cannabis references have been in many places within the high fashion industry, with some being far more subtle than others. Celebrities have adopted this attitude in full force, with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and A$AP Rocky all wearing their weed garb at one time or another.

Cannabis-Inspired Fashion Means More Than a Leaf


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The ways in which cannabis-inspired fashion can be integrated into luxury garments are more numerous than one may think. While coughing up several thousand dollars for a dress with a bold pot leaf print may not be up your alley, you can still enjoy the benefits of this new relationship. Rather than focusing on a visual representation of cannabis, other clothing brands are turning their attention to the raw material itself.

Ozma of California uses hemp to create comfortable and eco-friendly garments that are intended to transition from a beach vacation to a swanky city dinner in one day, offering baggy silhouettes in gender-neutral colors. Canadian designer Laura Siegel uses hemp as one of several materials to create her blended fabrics, offering clothing that tends to echo her philanthropic efforts.

Until recently, only the bold were opting to use hemp in their designs as the plant still lives in the murky waters of irregular legalization. However, with the promise of the 2018 Farm Bill and the hope that hemp will be treated as an agricultural commodity, the idea that hemp will become a mainstay in today’s high fashion circles is a real possibility. At this point, only those with the dollars and the guts are the ones who have taken advantage of this ability to express their love for weed directly on their chest, but as cannabis becomes more and more decriminalized, there’s no question that a wider range of fashion options will be readily available.

East Meets West


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Cannabis-inspired fashion has taken on a global approach that may not be recognizable at first glance but is slowly working toward changing attitudes of individuals everywhere. South Korean born Dae Lim works with sister, Cindy, to develop Sundae School that makes clothing intended to elevate the smoking experience. While the duo does offer modern clothing including t-shirts and hoodies, their main staples include renditions on classic cultural fashion.

Overcoats are designed for an elegant smoke session and traditional unisex garments feature hidden pockets to keep your materials. The latest pieces in their collection will be sold at Barneys, but not everyone is such a fan of their bold sense of style. Cannabis still comes with a strong stigma in South Korea, and it’s not farfetched to say that older generations don’t approve much of Lim’s fashion taste.

Ultimately as the entire world continues to shift their attitudes toward weed, there’s no telling what kind of cannabis-inspired fashion will hit the runways and the clothing racks. One can’t help but wonder just how influential cannabis fashion may be on the rest of the world. Imagine if the right person were to wear the right item at a specific event; would cultural attitudes shift in any noticeable way? The best we can do is keep wearing our weed attire and hope that others will follow suit.

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J-Lo Shut Down Milan Fashion Week in Iconic Versace Dress



PHOTO | @versace

Remember back in 2000 when Jennifer Lopez wore a Versace dress to the Grammy Awards and the world lost its mind? So much so that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed there were so many searches for photos of the dress it inspired the creation of Google Images?

Well, she’s done it again, walking a tribute of the dress down the runway to close out Versace’s Spring 2020 show at Milan Fashion Week, paying homage to the tech giant.


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So this just happened…🌿✨ @donatella_versace #jungledress @versace #stillgoingstrong #20yearanniversary #catwalk

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

At the end of the show, in what has become one of the most talked-about moments from fashion week, Donatella Versace’s voice filled the room asking Google’s Alexa to show her the green dress from J-Lo’s 2000 Grammy appearance. Then, Donatella asked to see the real thing. Cue J-Lo storming the runway to a standing ovation in a modern version of the gown that helped launch her to superstardom.

Footage of J-Lo strutting has been viewed more than two million times on social media.

As they say, classics always make a comeback.

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Mary Jane Swim Will Keep You Cool, Even When It’s Hot



Mary Jane Swim
PHOTOS | Mary Jane Swim

Founded by Diane Walker and Stacey Demar, Mary Jane Swim is a lifestyle apparel brand dedicated to normalizing cannabis. The two women founded their swimwear company, Sweenie Manufacturing in 2008, producing swimwear for other companies. After discovering the healing potential of cannabis for themselves, they decided to help change the perception of the plant for themselves and Maru Jane Swim was born.

We spoke to them about their fashion-forward styles, beautifully subtle cannabis prints and earth-friendly fabrics and production.

What inspired you to launch Mary Jane Swim?

The idea came about in late 2017 after our rediscovery of cannabis, specifically CBD for wellness, on a trip to Telluride, Colorado. We thought about how we could help destigmatize the plant in our own way.

Diane had been working in fashion and Stacey in fitness for many years, which organically led to the creation of Mary Jane Swim. It showcases both of our expertise and we focused on cannabis base printed apparel.

We launched a very small capsule “OG Kush “collection summer 2018 and just launched our full “Seven Leaflets “2019 SS line this past April which also includes activewear and accessories for both men and women.

What makes Mary Jane Swim unique in the marketplace?

Our focus is to bring elevated cannabis apparel to the market that has historically been promotional items. We have created a line that incorporates fashion-forward styles, beautifully subtle cannabis prints and earth-friendly fabrics and production.

Do you design the prints yourselves or do you source them?

Yes, we design each print ourselves inspired by current world trends and interpret them through the flower and leaf and our perspective.

How do you think Mary Jane Swim helps normalize the opinion of cannabis?

The more that the plant shows up in every day products, the more society starts to see it as a beautiful and beneficial plant and not as an evil gateway drug.

Any plans to develop a collection made from hemp and other more sustainable, eco-friendly products?

We have been researching hemp blends in both woven and knit bases for future products, as well as recycled fabrics.

Mary-Jane Swim

You donate a portion of each sale to Athletes for Care. How did you become involved with them?

After using CBD daily for everyday use for wellness and pre/post workouts and realizing how powerful it is.

We came across their mission to help promote cannabis in sports and help alleviate the opioid crisis. A portion of the profits will be donated.

How do you want people to feel when wearing Mary Jane Swim?

Empowered and healthy.

What don’t you leave the house without?

CBD of course and a swimsuit!

Shop Mary Jane Swim here.

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You Can Now Literally Walk a Mile in Snoop’s Shoes



Duke + Dexter
PHOTO | Duke + Dexter

If you’re looking to pick up a fresh pair of slides or loafers this summer, Snoop Dogg has your back. The rap legend has partnered with luxury English footwear company Duke + Dexter to launch a limited-edition collaboration packed with his unique style baked in.

The Dogg Pack collection brings to life Snoop’s West Coast lifestyle with a fun pool-to-party theme. You can grab yourself a fresh pair of loafers, mules or slide style footwear with dice, cannabis leaf prints and even Snoop’s embroidered face.

“I wanted the collaboration to be sleek and stylish, like me,” Snoop told Forbes. “The design team helped me to put together shoes that represented my style and me. I do things differently; you know that. It was important that we created a first collection that had distinction, but also class. Real class no fakes shit.”


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Snoop himself wearing the Duke Snoop Face loafers || Part of the @snoopdogg x Duke+Dexter collection || Limited edition

A post shared by Duke and Dexter (@dukedexter) on

Launched in early June, the ultra-exclusive, limited-edition line is only 1000 pair deep, meaning that snagging a pair means you’re part of an incredibly exclusive club.

Lee Rogers, head of product at Duke + Dexter said via a statement, “I wanted to try to bring something new and fresh to the collaboration and products. Snoop is such a legend and the weight of doing this well was always in mind.

“I really wanted to find a quote/lyric that could help encapsulate what Duke + Dexter are as a brand and what Snoop represents, the lyric we decided to use ‘la di da di, we likes to party we don’t cause no trouble, we don’t bother nobody.’”

Snoop said the partnership came about after he posted a pair of their shoes he liked to his 34.2 million followers.

“They very smartly reached out to me and we started by creating some dope bespoke styles together, I grew my relationship with Archie and we started building a plan… the rest is history!” said the rapper.

PHOTO | Duke + Dexter

While this ultra-exclusive line of footwear might be one of Snoop’s flashiest and newest business ventures, it’s far from his only one. Martha Stewart and Snoop are famously unlikely friends, even co-host a cooking show called “Martha & Snoop” together, he’s launched his very own cannabis strain and his “Leafs by Snoop” collaboration with Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth.

When asked why his fans should try out a pair of Duke + Dexter’s ultra-exclusive footwear line, Snoop said the quality of the brand was the selling point.

“D+D do things differently — they classy, they real,” said Snoop. “There’s so much fake shit out there nowadays, so many copycats. I only admire brands like this, brands who create their own, truly original stories and unique identities.”

If you can’t snag a pair of Duke + Dexter’s line, you can pick up a micro-suede house shoe, two luxury slide-in slippers and baby dogg slippers, all perfect for sipping a gin and juice wherever you might be.

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