Heritage Market: Why You Should Be a Proud Stoner

The term “heritage market” is a way to talk about respecting a stoner wants and needs, stoner pioneering and courageous history and stoner aesthetic.



Heritage Market
PHOTO | HiZmiester
Dr.Dabber SWITCH Clear Edition

As the cannabis industry throws itself into the public spotlight with legalization, it’s easy for branders and marketers alike to feel inspired to join the weed revolution. I know first hand that joining this fast-paced, ever-changing industry was like nothing I had ever experience before. From the beginning, I knew, like many others who pioneered before me, that de-stigmatization was one of my biggest goals. I also knew that if I wanted to be part of the reversal of the war on drugs, the revolution would need to start from the inside.

This realization led me down a path of cultural exploration to figure out what levers could be pulled to change perceptions. Thus, I become an advocate for language, and a key term kept coming up: heritage.

Heritage is defined in two ways: physical possessions such as property inheritance, or valued qualities like cultural traditions. When you dig deeper into that second definition of valued qualities, you find that the synonyms are tradition, history, background, and past.

Now let’s connect that back to weed. What does heritage mean in the legalized market?

Cannabis industry pioneers alongside cannabis aficionados are actively trying to change the way people fundamentally think about weed, for the better. We strive to change ideas that are ingrained in people from early childhood: from their parents, from their teachers, from the government. The word “stoner” has historically been, unfortunately, a dirty word. People have an idea of what a stoner is. On the lighter side of bad, stoners are perceived as lazy, apathetic — they are couch potatoes. On the dark side, stoners thought to be hoodlums, drug addicts, and at worst, criminals.

But here’s the thing… I’m a stoner! Sure, I could explain the many reasons that weed helps my ailments including an autoimmune disease, but the reality is, I enjoy weed. I enjoy weed so much that I consume daily. My privilege of talking, writing, and photographing my consumption openly is that I am a white cis-female and I don’t face the stigmas that others may face who openly smoke.

I love seeing people reclaiming the word stoner. It is not something to shy away from nor is it something that we can afford to be quiet about anymore. It’s important to start conversations, not to mention it can be fun to have someone be surprised that you are still a “fully functioning adult” after the stoner-reveal. However, over the years, I’ve found that the word “stoner” doesn’t always fit when talking more technically about market trends and buying behavior.

I coined the term “heritage market” it’s a way to talk about respecting stoners: stoners’ wants and needs, stoners’ pioneering and courageous history, stoners’ aesthetic. “Heritage market” devotes weed’s rich history, and gives the praise and celebration it deserves. In business settings, heritage market is taken very seriously. To get deeper into the definition, the “heritage market” can also be defined as:

  1. the consumer base who purchased in the pre-recreationally legal market,
  2. the industry (and all business) before recreational legalization.

Let me use “heritage market” in a few examples that frequently come up in cannabis business settings:

The heritage market consumer cares about the price to THC ratio.

The heritage market consumer knows their favorite strain and will seek out a specific dispensary for the said strain.

The heritage market is the largest spending group in the market.

That heritage brand has been on the shelves since 2010.*

*It’s a great way to describe brands and companies that have been around for years, giving homage to their perseverance and foresight into getting into the industry before legalization.

To say it’s great to be a stoner is an understatement. Weed brings people together and overall makes people happier, calmer, and more creative. It’s okay to wake and bake, if that’s your jam, eat an edible at lunch, vape outside your office, grow your own plant, you name it, it’s all awesome. Hats off to you, my friend, for contributing to our heritage and keeping the flame alive.

If you have a stoner friend that’s totally heritage, share this article with them. They might get a kick out of it.

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New G Pen & B Real Collab Seamlessly Fuses the Best of Cannabis Culture



B Real
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In these days of uncertainty and social distancing, it’s refreshing to finally see some good news. Two pioneers of cannabis culture, Grenco Science (G Pen) and Cypress Hill frontman B Real have joined forces to launch a range of co-branded products.

“We’ve had a longstanding relationship, and to partner with B Real in an official capacity now is an honor,” said Chris Folkerts, CEO and Founder of Grenco Science in a press release.

“B Real has been a cultural force in both music and cannabis, and together with Grenco Science, we are reinventing the cannabis experience for our customers who have come to expect quality and innovation like only Grenco Science can provide.”

Grenco Science’s new partnership with the critically acclaimed artist and entrepreneur behind Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensaries will see a line of products introduced to the market, that is set to include co-branded product offerings and fully integrating the G Pen line into Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensaries with custom build-outs in California.

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Sex & Sinsemilla: The Pleasure Enthusiast on Using Cannabis to Reduce Pain During Sex



reduce pain during sex
PHOTO: amixstudio

For many a cannathusiast, sex and weed make the best of bedfellows. From helping you unwind and taking you out of your head, to increased sensation and pleasure, for some, the herb can be a natural aphrodisiac. An entire sub-category of cannabis products has been developed to help people enjoy sex more, whether it be to reduce pain during sex or to increase their connection with their partner.

Of course, cannabis and sex aren’t a great combination for everyone. There have been reports of the herb contributing to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

However, there is also research that suggests smoking herb increases orgasm length, raises sperm count, that cannabis improves their experience and people who partake in weed also partake in sex more frequently.

Enough sexy data talk. Valentine’s Day seemed like the right time to debut the sex and sinsemilla advice column from Cara Cordoni, Cannabis Aficionado’s resident Pleasure Enthusiast, who will be answering your questions around cannabis, intimacy and sex, as well as offering up product reviews and suggestions to help you maximize your sexy times.

Dear Pleasure Enthusiast,

I want to have a sexy night with my partner, but I’ve been experiencing pain during penetration. I’ve heard that cannabis can help… can it?

– Sexy ‘n Suffering

Dear Sexy ‘n Suffering,

You’re not alone in experiencing pain during sex — and the first order of concern is to explore the root cause. Has there been an injury? Are you emotionally comfortable and safe? Is there an underlying condition like an infection, endometriosis or fibroids? Have you been to see a medical professional? Understand the source before addressing the symptoms. Once you know what’s up, then yes, cannabis could help reduce pain during sex.

Many of us gals feel pain due to lack of lubrication, which can be addressed with relaxation, foreplay and the use of a sexual lubricant like Intimate Oil by Privvy Peach, Smooth Operator by Quim, Awaken by Foria or Quiver by HerbaBuena.

These lubes combine cannabis, in the form THC, CBD, or both and known herbal aphrodisiacs like passionflower extract to provide pelvic relaxation, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Many women experience enhanced sensitivity with these infused lubricants, as well. Quim is aloe vera based and safe with latex, while Foria is coconut oil-based and not latex friendly. Luckily, there are many options on the market in legal states, or with CBD for everyone. I always recommend a patch test before applying to your privates. And if the first one you try doesn’t suit you, don’t give up, try another as each is unique.

I applaud you on your journey of pain reduction and pleasure enhancement.

The Pleasure Enthusiast at Work

QUIM: Smooth Operator

Squirt squirt; a slippery, opaque, white liquid coats on my fingers. Smooth Operator reminds me vaguely of semen, which is both titillating and disturbing. I apply it liberally to myself for a solo test flight. I wait for the 5-7 recommended minutes for the serum to penetrate and take effect feeling hopeful and skeptical. Yet as I read Quim’s elegant pamphlet, the slippery serum feels fantastic on my clit and labia and I notice that blood flow is visibly increased. Everything is gently engorging and I like it.

Foria: Intimacy CBD Lubricant and Awaken

I apply four squirts of Awaken directly to my vulva. I like the smell: it’s faint, the slightest edge of thin mint. The feeling is almost immediate, a coolness, very subtle and engaging, then a warmth. I see and feel blood flow increasing.

I then pour Foria’s clear coconut oil-based lube into my palm — it’s messy, some runs down the bottle. Coconut oil is my preferred lubricant when there’s no latex involved, so this liquid oil feels nice. After some experimentation, I find Foria’s products are super helpful with anal play, where the relaxing and slightly numbing qualities work best.

Do you have a question about sex that you’d like the Pleasure Enthusiast to answer? Get in touch: contact@cannabisaficionado.com.

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Cannabis Aficionado’s Guide to a Luxurious Valentine’s Day



Luxurious Valentine's Day
PHOTO | Maria Valentino in her luxury cannabis-inspired fine jewelry.

Treat yourself or that special someone with the Cannabis Aficionado guide to partaking in a luxurious Valentine’s Day. From precious jewels to pleasuring lubes, silky robes to stylish home decor, the dankest weed to delicious chocolate treats, there’s something for all you lovers out there.


Luxurious Valentine’s Day

Lovers Edition

Lovers Edition combines five herbal aphrodisiacs with cannabis to create what they call “the best sex drug in the world.” It’s formulated for both a physical and psychological high, working to increase blood flow while also helping you relax and get out of your head.



This multi-aphrodisiac blend is formulated for people with vulvas, to enhance tactile sensation and pleasure while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness.


14kt Yellow Gold Sativa Marijuana Leaf Diamond Pavé Pendant

Genifer Murray and Glenn Murray are expert jewelry makers as well as being passionate cannabis advocates. This beautiful sativa leaf pendant necklace is artfully crafted from 14kt gold and is available in a variety of sizes.

Jacquie Aische

Luxurious Valentine’s Day

1 Diamond Pave 3 Sweet Leaf Dream Catcher Hoops

Jacquie Aische designs jewelry with the intention of empowering women. Join her tribe with these stunning Dream Catcher Hoops from her Sweet Leaf collection.

Jonathan Adler

Botanist Ganja Urn

The Ganja Urn from Jonathan Adler’s Botanist collection is the perfect bougie scene-stealer — a must-have for all cannabis aficionado’s to stash their secrets.

Maria Valentino

Cannabis Leaf Diamond Ring

Maria Valentino is a cutting-edge formulator and leader of green beauty and wellness for conscious consumers. This statement ring from her fine jewelry collection features pave diamonds, emulating the plant’s natural trichomes, and is set in 14k gold.

House of Saka

Sparkling Pink

Toast to love with House ofSaka’s luxurious sparkling pink wine. Based on grapes from Napa Valley’s terroir and infused with the finest craft harvest. The resulting experience is intended to leave the imbiber feeling invigorating, clean and relaxed.


Luxurious Valentine’s Day

Choc coated Strawberries


Pink Panties

Mario Guzman aka Mr. Sherbinski grows some of the finest cannabis you’ll ever experience. His Pink Panties cultivar is a cross of Burmese Kush and a Florida Kush backcross. It expresses dense, medium-sized buds that reek of tart and tangy citrus alongside a strong floral bouquet.

White Fox

White Fox on this planet is to formulate, alchemize and create specific effect driven medicine with the intention of showing you your own true greatness. Using a 2,000-year-old ayurvedic formulation, they have developed vape pens to increase your sexual energy and sensitivity.

Untamed is for women, to guide you to your greatest sexual expression and unbridled passion. Legendary for men will provide strength, vitality and legendary sexual performance.

Vintage Redeux

Luxurious Valentine’s Day

Cherry Mary Jane Smoking Robe

Vintage Redeux creates sinsemilla-inspired streetwear. Smoke, chill and bring sexy back to smoking in this beautiful satin smoking robe with a sultry hand sewn Mary Jane patch.

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